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Managing Director – DBGI MESSAGE

Mr. Aman Bansal

Managing Director, Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions

From Managing Director Desk

Action speaks louder than words. What we actually do is more significant, substantial and important than what we say. Whatever we do, it pretentiously reflects in our attitude and temperament. This has been an important projection of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, on which every member of DBGI family believes upon.

Transformation of intellect and talent into objectivity is the demand of present era. Theoretical knowledge with the fusion of Practical throughput is pervasively welcomed in today’s professional arena. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is a testimonial to the same working parallel to the industry’s requirement. Our perpetual success and impactful recognition throughout the country is a productive outcome of such materialistic approach. Qualified faculties up to the mark in every parameter, focused academics, emphasized practical and industrial orientation together with an ambitious attitude to learn and grow certainly provides a concrete fundamental framework of excellent academics being provided by the Institute.

Being the Managing Director of this esteemed group, it certainly becomes my responsibility to comprehend such fantastic efforts that truly are the strong foundation of this visionary institute. I personally feel enthusiastic about seeing my team performing at its best. In today’s result-oriented and professional epoch when every one of us is intense busy proving our persona, nevertheless, it becomes vital for us to be more dignified and more perspective in our thoughts and vision. Our perception gives birth to any thought which in turn is the mere cause of our vision. I’m very proud to portray the strong vision of the institute which provides the utmost and exemplary prodigal platform by facilitating purposeful and dynamic education to the students. By virtue of this, every student could thus be transformed into a competent professional possessing the acquired acumen and outlook.

Our excellent placement strategies for the students have certainly brought laurels and applause to the institute. Our teaching mechanism is simply to inculcate the innovative thought process within the conscience of students by which they develop to think out of the box and thereby take rational decisions in favourable or adverse situations. I honestly feel very happy to visualize such commendable projections.